What is your approach to photography?

I believe in finding a delicate balance between candid spontaneity and gently guided poses, allowing for authenticity to shine through while also curating a visual narrative that speaks volumes.
Beyond merely documenting events, I am driven by the desire to create art—images that go beyond the ordinary and really touch your heart.
Finding inspiration from the cinematic magic of movies and TV, lyrics from your favourite songs, and the raw beauty of everyday encounters, I aim to create images that resonate deeply with viewers.
I like to incorporate a mixture of traditional and non-traditional photography styles to capture a story that is uniquely yours.

What is your Editing Style?

My editing style is warm and true to tone with a focus on beautiful skin tones. I also love film photography and I want my digital work reflect that.

What does that mean!? I keep colours pretty natural and saturated (I know how much time is put into selecting outfits and flowers) and want everything to appear similar to real life. My edits can also be slightly moody (darker) and a touch grainy to create that vintage, cinematic and filmy feel.

I am also OBSESSED with a good black and white photo. To me they feel so timeless and intimate, so expect to have a lot of black and whites in your gallery.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Niagara but spend almost my entire summer and fall at my cottage just outside of Sudbury, Ontario.

And YES! I am definitely willing to travel. A travel fee may apply after the first 100kms and we can discuss what to expect prior to your booking.

When can i expect to receive my photos?

My typical turn around time for a wedding is 10-12 weeks and 2-3 weeks for a lifestyle or engagement session.
With both you will receive sneak peeks within 72 hours.
The timeline can vary slightly depending on the season of your session.

How many photos will i receive?

For my wedding packages you will receive an unlimited gallery of fully edited images. This can range from approximately 600-1000 photos depending on your day and what will accurately represent your story. I will choose the best photos and do not put a cap on the number of images I deliver as every wedding day is unique.

I take the same approach with my lifestyle sessions. You can expect roughly 50-100 photos for a 45 min session, but once again I do not limit the amount of photos I deliver.

That being said, I do NOT deliver raw or unedited photos. I spend a lot of time sorting and selecting the best photos (removing the mid-blink and unflattering ones) to curate a beautiful final gallery for you.

Why should I have a second shooter?

Second shooters can be essential to telling the complete story of your wedding day depending on the size of your wedding. Think of the moment when you are walking down the aisle and your partner sees you for the first time - it can be very difficult for a photographer to capture both of your reactions alone. Also wedding ceremonies can happen FAST. The shortest ceremony I have photographed was only 5 minutes long! To capture all the angles and special moments that quickly it is very important to have a second photographer.

Why are engagement photos important?

While the primary purpose of an engagement session is to capture the love and excitement between a newly engaged couple, this is also the BEST time to get to know your photographer prior to your wedding day!
As with so many of my clients, your engagement session may be the first time you have been professionally photographed. It provides an excellent chance for you and your partner to get more comfortable in front of the camera in a more relaxed and casual setting. We will learn what poses and prompts are the most natural for you, so ultimately your wedding day will run more smoothly.

Can we include our dog in our session?

YES, YES AND YES. No other explanation necessary.

Timeless & Candid Photography




Join me on this visual journey as we explore the beauty of human connection, the richness of life's stories, and the endless inspiration that surrounds us. Together, let's capture moments that stir the soul and leave a lasting imprint on our hearts.

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